Welcome to
ERS Gaming

Who We Are

ERS Gaming is a gaming clan mainly focused on Fortnite, but includes many other games.

Founded Feburary of 2019 by the creator God Samurai has transformed the clan into one of a kind including people from around the world such as the US and Austrailia.

Custom Matchmaking

We have a few creators in our clan that can host custom matches regularly, and if you are a creator you can apply to be a creator within our clan and host matches with the entire clan!

Creative Matches

If you enjoy playing creative instead of normal matches - then we have many players within the community that will play with you and create custom matches.

Get In Touch

Want to apply to be a creator, a partner, or just a basic question? Just send an email to hello@ersgaming.com to get a hold of someone!

Where to Find Us

Anywhere in the world